We provide friendly no nonsense advice at the police station, Magistrates Court and Crown Court.
Each of our team has a minimum of 15 years’ experience ensuring you get the best quality advice possible.
At the police station, we can offer 24-hour advice and attendance by experienced duty solicitors or accredited representatives.
Don’t be bullied or persuaded by the police not to have representation. Either ask at the custody desk or call our emergency 24 hour out of hours’ number - 07074 256855.

The police are inviting more and more people to attend as a volunteer at the police station. You are still entitled to free representation by a solicitor. Contact us and we will work with you and the police to ensure the voluntary interview is at a convenient time to you. We will meet you at the police station and provide you with high quality legal advice.
Just because the police are asking you to attend as a volunteer does not mean it isn’t as serious as an arrest. The police are avoiding rules around bailing people by asking you to attend as a volunteer.

Get a solicitor.... it will help you.

Call us today 01904 613077 or 07074 256855.

At the Magistrate Court, we have experts who can help whether you are legally aided or privately funded.
We cover York, Harrogate, Northallerton, Scarborough, Skipton, Leeds, Beverley, Hull and nationally. Youth Court specialists and trial advocates with many years of experience are ready to help you or your family.

Call today for a free informal assessment.

We have higher Courts Advocates (same as a barrister) allowing us to be able to give consistent representation from beginning to the end of a case no matter what court it finishes in. We regularly appear for our own clients and also as advocates for other firms who recognise the quality of our work and trust us to provide an outstanding service. We also work with the best of the best barristers in the most serious cases that allow us to provide expert representation in all types of case. We have a dedicated crown court clerking team ensuring your case is prepared to the highest standard, giving you the best chance of success. Our experienced Road traffic team can save your licence. Speak to us for realistic advice at a sensible cost. We deal regularly with speeding, Drug or Drink driving, exceptional hardship arguments, special reasons, back calculations, fit tests, tachograph offences, VOSA investigations, traffic commissioners investigations or hearings, drive without due care, dangerous driving and cases involving fatalities. Let us save your licence call today. As experienced regulatory Defence Solicitors we have represented sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and Plc’s against investigations by the Health & Safety executive, Environment Agency, Food Standards Agency, Trading Standards and local council prosecutions. We have received referrals from national trade unions and insurance companies. Our Court Martial team have long experience of investigations by the Royal Military Police and the Special Investigation Branch. We have experience in Courts Martials in Catterick, Portsmouth, Germany and Belfast. We can provide free advice at the investigation stage via our criminal contract and Army Legal Aid if you qualify. We understand the system and the risks of certain sentences to your career. Don’t risk losing it, ask for the best. Benefit fraud investigations may attract legal aid cover contact us today so we can provide you with an assessment. This may provide free advice and assistance at the interview stage. Alternatively, we can arrange payment plans for private representation under our fixed fee menu, so no surprise bills.

Our team has many years’ experience of representing individuals, partnerships, limited companies and PLCs defending against prosecutions by Health & Safety, Environment Agency, Trading Standards, Food Standards Agency, traffic commissioner, VOSA, CQC and other statutory agencies.

After an incident, early instruction means we can deploy an expert to your site to collate information, interview staff and prepare documents for any investigation. We can then prepare individuals or companies for PACE interviews and attend to represent at such interviews. In some cases we can then advice on written responses to PACE questions. We have represented firms when serious injury or death has occurred. Examples are untrained staff using incorrect machinery giving themselves carbon monoxide poisoning resulting in serious brain injury. Boiler fitters who lost registration and fitted dangerous boiler flues. Representation resulted in avoiding custody for the individual fitters and the company managing to stay solvent. Working at height incidents, solar panel installation without proper risk assessments. At a time when the sentencing guidelines have led to higher and higher punishment it is vital quality advice and representation is obtained at the earliest opportunity.

Water Course pollution, waste licences, illegal landfill sites. We regularly represent at PACE interviews and negotiate resolutions that avoid court for example the use of conditional undertakings and cautions. We can attend interviews or advise on company responses to written questions. Should representation be required our experienced advocates and higher Courts advocates provide quality at the time you need it most. Whether or not it’s a trial or a plea we have the experience to leave you in the best possible position.

Producers and transporters of food are coming under significant pressure as the Agency is undertaking more and more investigations. Imposing orders that can halt your business in its tracks. We have the legal knowledge and experience to help as well as the commercial astuteness to get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

Whether you are an individual or a trader having a complaint made against you can escalate quickly. Take early advice and help with negotiating with Regulatory bodies, councils and companies to find flexible solutions. If cases progress to a full complaint then we can provide representation, instruct experts and defend the case with quality representation. We have dealt with: Counterfeit Goods, Trade Descriptions, Consumer Protection Legislation, Sale and Supply of Restricted Products, Raids on Businesses, Livestock movement and disposal and Misrepresentation.

Service personnel being investigated by RMP or SIB are subject to civilian law and Military law. Our solicitors have vast experience of interviews on base or in custody. Don’t be fooled into going in unrepresented. Get experienced solicitors who understand the service and the offences that have no civilian equivalent, for example AWOL. Your representation at the investigation stage is free of charge and you are entitled to a solicitor of your own choice. Cases that proceed to charge will in minor cases be dealt with by Officer Commanding or Commanding Officer. Unfortunately, there is no legal aid or representation available for this but we can assist on a private basis with advice as to sentencing. Remember you have the right to elect trial by Courts Martial and if you want a trial we highly recommend you do, statistically you are more likely to be acquitted in a Courts Martial. At a Courts Martial or District Courts Martial Legal aid is available depending on your means. Alternatively, we can arrange a payment plan to suit your circumstances and will provide fixed fee estimates of costs. At this level representation is highly recommended and our experienced advocates have appeared at Court Martials in Catterick, Colchester, Portsmouth, Belfast, Germany and Cyprus.

We have experienced case workers and advocates in the fields of Proceeds of Crime (POCA) cases. Dealing with freezing orders, assisting with supplying the required information to investigators, accessing our financial experts to prepare reports, marital shareholding for non-defendants and ultimately identifying the correct benefit figure and available asset figure using the most appropriate of the formulae. We have saved people thousands of pounds for them and their partners. As a business never has there been a higher risk of money laundering and fraud. We offer practical commercially aware advice to protect you and your business.

We cover the Traffic court at Northallerton and appear regularly in York, Scarborough, Harrogate, Selby, Hull, Beverley and Malton.

We can save your driving licence - Simple as that.

If you have a summons or postal requisition for speeding and have points on your licence ring us for a free assessment.
If you hit 12 or more points then you will be liable to lose your licence for 6 months as a totter.
It maybe we can mitigate the offence or alternatively argue exceptional hardship to avoid the disqualification taking effect.

Losing your licence can have such a huge impact for many it can knock on to losing a job, not being able to pay the rent or mortgage or looking after dependent children or other relatives.

We are not a national internet firm looking to charge you large fees. We operate on a local basis and as we have advocates appearing regularly in these courts our fees are kept reasonable.

Ring today for a fixed fee quote. 01904 631077.

Drink driving or drug driving are offences that can cause similar problems for you and your family and complicated technically. We can cut through the technical forms and issues to present to you in clear English your options and your chances of success. We understand post driving consumption defences and have access to defence experts who can provide reports on back calculations to support your account.

Special reasons is an argument available for a number of offences under the Road Traffic Legislation that can save your licence. Distance driven, spiked drinks, reliance on others for insurance etc.

  • Drunk in charge is an offence with a statutory defence if you had no intention to drive. Our experts can provide advice as to the evidence and how we can present your case in a trial.
  • Failing to provide a specimen when arrested is a serious offence, as serious as drink or drug driving and will lead to you losing your licence. You cannot delay proving a specimen for legal advice but if you have medical reasons for not providing then these need to be put forward and evidenced with expert reports. For Example, needle phobia, breathing problems such as asthma.
  • Driving while Disqualified can carry a custodial sentence and you may not have checked all the available defences. We have successfully defended cases where the road turns out not to be a public place or the vehicle has not been driven.
  • Using your mobile phone now carries 6 points in itself for experienced drivers this can put you at risk of totting up to 12 points much quicker. However, for a new driver (under 2 years experience) this could result in the DVLA revoking your licence. This will mean having to resit your tests both theory and practical.
  • Careless driving or driving without due care and attention as it is now called can be investigated when anything from a minor incident such as a shunt or other minor collision has taken place up to more serious cases when serious injuries result.
  • Where there are allegations of racing, overtaking on a bend, undertaking, high speed chases with the police, taking decisions no competent driver would or doing something distracting you from driving Dangerous Driving can be investigated. This carries a mandatory disqualification so representation is vital at the earliest stage.

Unfortunately, motoring incidents can escalate to situations where a fatality is involved. Death by Dangerous driving or Death by careless driving are deeply distressing cases that need careful representation by experienced advocates. We use defence experts in collision investigation and years of experience to provide the best representation at a time when you need it the most.

Advocates represent at internal disciplinary hearings when your career and team’s results hang in the balance instruct us to protect both. We have a qualified RFU coach and club discipline officer on the team with experience of appearing on and to panels. We can offer representation and advice over incidents on or off the pitch.

Our Team

Nick Darwin

Nick Darwin


Defending people since 1988 he is a highly experienced police station and court duty solicitor, Former head of the Public Defender Service in the North East and peer reviewer for the Legal Aid Agency. He has represented people all over the Country at the highest level.

Chris McGrogan

Chris McGrogan


Qualifying in 1997 as a solicitor he has a commercial astuteness born of having a previous non-legal career to add to his experience of representing people at the highest level in Yorkshire and beyond. He is a court and police station duty solicitor.

Richard Minion

Richard Minion


Qualifying in 1993 he is a vastly experienced advocate having represented clients all over the country. After practising in London for over 10 years he moved to York in 2003 he has built a reputation as a dogged advocate. He is a Higher Court advocate and police station and Court duty solicitor. He also has extensive experience representing the Enviroment Agency and has undertaken work on behalf of the RSPCA. Richard has also recently undertaken work in West Africa involving international justice training and research in the field terrorism in a highly sensitive context on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Victoria Kirk

Victoria Kirk

Head of Crown Court Department

Senior Crown Court clerk and accredited police station representative. Provides over 15 years’ experience preparing cases for trial in the Crown Court and advising at the police station.